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Last Call 她的末日告白

Last Call


Last Call 她的末日告白

Last Call








In the trendiest bar, let’s talk about biodiversity.

If Earth speaks, can you hear her aspiration and sorrow?

Biodiversity is the most critical issue selected by the United Nations in 2020. According to the research statistics, there are about 1 million species of animals and plants close to extinction. If we fail to flatten the curve of global biodiversity’s loss, it is estimated that over a quarter of species worldwide will disappear by 2050, which will affect human’s survival and well-being severely.

Working with Taiwan Environmental Information Association, LeftBrain turns serious environmental issues into the “last calls” of species. Let’s walk into two trendiest bars in Taipei. Through the interactive installations, sounds, and themed exhibition, together with drinks themed with biodiversity, we proactively communicate the environmental issues and stories of different species to the broader community in the city in ways that are innovative and creative.

Starting off from the angles of ocean and mountains/forests, we design 10 themed cocktails in the names of species, including “fly”, “Taiwan Cow-tail Fir”, “kelp”, and “sea turtle”. An exclusive alcohol menu, calling coasters, and an immersive interactive space are available in a limited time to communicate with the public in a trendy and interesting way. 

In addition, “private kitchen banquet” is organized to usher our guests into a world of rich biodiversity in order to learn once again the food ingredients familiar yet strange to us. While we savor the delicacies from mountains to oceans, let us listen carefully to the last calls of species.

It is the belief of LeftBrain that the public policies and social welfare issues should go beyond the echo chamber and into the crowds, amplifying the social impacts of issues with interdisciplinary collaboration and novel thinking in communication.