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親子天下 我的童書大冒險

CommonWealth Parenting: My Picture Books, My Adventures


親子天下 我的童書大冒險

CommonWealth Parenting: My Picture Books, My Adventures







A picture books exhibition filled with game experiences, the first in Taiwan

It is not just the first experience exhibition themed with children’s picture books, but also a movement that encourages local creators!

Most of the picture books for kids in Taiwan come from authors abroad. In other words, what our kids are reading or listening to are stories from other countries.

What about the stories local to Taiwan? There are actually a lot of picture book authors in Taiwan as well who work hard to produce stories of our own, so that our children may read the stories of their homeland before coming of age.

CommonWealth Parenting and LeftBrain partnered together to assemble 13 brilliant picture book authors in Taiwan. With their amazing stories and images, an exhibition of children book adventure filled with experiences, interactives, and education was born. 

Apart from making books and the characters more solid, we also divided the exhibition into sections of painters, writers, editing, and printing for children to learn about the book production process behind the scenes. Also, they were able to engage hands-on works to experience the excitement of producing one. For example, the light table experience in the painter’s studio allowed children to draw cute characters like a master, design their book covers before projecting to a huge screen, or produce a book through the paper pyramid activity.

Facing the ever more challenging landscape in the publishing industry today, there are still a group of local creators who stand fast and continue working for children on this land to produce memories and inspirations of our own.