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1600 Pandas World Tour



1600 Pandas World Tour


世界自然基金會(WWF)的法國分會在2008年為了慶祝成立35周年並且推廣瀕臨絕種動物保育的觀念,特別邀請法國藝術家Paulo Grangeon創作貓熊造型的裝置藝術作品,推出「Pandas on Tour」貓熊裝置藝術展,風靡歐洲。






An innovative art exhibition that brings out the issue of endangered species in Taiwan through pandas

The French Branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) promoted the conservation of endangered species in celebration of its 35th anniversary in 2008, inviting specifically French artist Paulo Grangeon to produce installation artworks of pandas. Hence, they presented “Pandas on Tour” that created a buzz throughout Europe.

In 2014, we introduced the installation artworks to Taiwan. Starting from Taipei, it traveled from the main island to the offshore islands, and from cities to rural areas. These pandas made of recycled paper and traditional paper art techniques became ambassadors of nature conservation for Taiwan to witness an exhibition with “environmental issues” and “artistic practices” combined to maximize the potential impacts.

Through the exhibition of paper pandas, paper Formosan black bears, and other secret paper animals that are protected endemic species in Taiwan as well as relevant information of conservation, visitors were made aware of the importance of endangered species conservation.

The exhibition also incorporated the educational information of local endangered species and featured landscapes in the local cultures. Along with the on-site participation and exchange with visitors, it strengthened the knowledge and identification with local features. 

In addition, “Tour of Black/White Bears in Taiwan” was organized on the school campuses in the rural areas. We went into 40 elementary schools to open the doors to the hearts of these kids with this lovely group of special guests.

Meanwhile, with a one-day conservation education program, the seeds of ideas and knowledge of wildlife conservation were sowed at the hearts of these children.